Your Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Most Reliable Electrician in Glendale CA

Everybody knows that time is money. When it comes to needing only the best electrical service and repair work in Glendale, CA, your time and money are the most important things to consider. H Electric is your local high-quality Glendale electrician, and we’re here to help you recognize the top ten tips to think about prior to hiring a reliable Glendale, California electrical contractor. Before you make any hiring decisions for residential or commercial electrical services, it is imperative that you review this checklist.

1. Heed The Rules / Electrician – Glendale Rule of Three: Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – If your California-based electrical services professional is not licensed, bonded, and insured, it’s not best to hire them. Ensure that you verify credentials, and make sure they’re current. Electrical service providers carrying proper liability insurance (as well as workers’ comp for their in-house contractors) will always be fully covered should anyone happen to be hurt on the job. This is not something that’s your responsibility, and any electrician in Glendale who truly cares about their customers knows this.

2. Make Decisions About What You Need – As you’re consulting with your electrician in Glendale CA, tell him exactly what you need. Some electricians may or may not handle certain kinds of work or specs. Don’t let anyone add on any needless expenses or services that have little to do with the actual things you need help with.

3. Don’t Just Take Their Word For It – Make sure that you do your research. Your Glendale electrician’s business has to be up to par.  It should have a BBB rating on file, and be registered with the proper associations (like or similar organizations that set standards for electrical service professionals. Don’t be shy: ask them for specifics. Check out sites like Yelp as well as their own website, and ask for names and testimonials regarding the quality of their electrical work if you aren’t able to find testimonials on their site. Also, be sure to check their license number on their paperwork to confirm that their certification is current.

4. A Good Electrician in Glendale CA Puts Everything In Writing – No matter what, get everything in writing. Be it service quote, policy, or electrical bid, it’s worth the extra time, and it’s worth your making this very important request.

5. Leave A Paper Trail – Any high-quality Beverly Hills electrician will always document everything. That’s established. However, you should do this as well. Another great tip: pay your electrical contractor with a check or a credit card. Do this so that you have a record of the sale and scope of electrical work involved. Add detailed memos and notes in the memo fields as well. That way, everything’s already date stamped. Do not accept any cash-only payments, verbal agreements, or handshake deals. Even if they provide a receipt, it’s harder to get reimbursed for cash-only transactions.

6. Stay Realistic – Your Glendale electrician and electrical contracting professional (be it for residential, commercial, or combination of electrical service work) is properly trained, with experience as well. You may not be aware of the full scope of electrical repair work that needs to be done or supplies that need to be purchased, so don’t start any of the setup or prep the work on your own. Let an electrical contracting professional buy the materials.

7. Get Your Money Right From The Beginning – Before you agree to or sign anything, ask: is the rate hourly or per job? What is the exact rate? Is a deposit required? That way, there will be no surprises. Any Glendale electrician with integrity will gladly answer any and all questions and address all concerns that you may have. Don’t skimp too much on pricing, either. Have a budget in mind that you keep to yourself. As long as your electrician doesn’t go over that budget, you’ll be in good shape.

8. Stay Local – Make sure your trusted provider is truly local to you in Glendale, CA. If you have any questions or follow-up needs, you’ll want to be able to get a same-day response.

9. Secure A Guarantee – Make sure they guarantee their work: no ifs, ands, or buts. Make sure to get that guarantee in writing.

10. Trust Your Instincts – At the end of the day, trust your instincts. How is your Glendale CA electrician dressed? Does he speak with you respectfully without skirting around any important issues? Is his truck clean and well-kept? Does he answer the phone in a professional manner? How he carries himself around you will always reflect in his work ethic, and the electrical services provided.

You may need electrical outlets installed, an electrical panel upgrade, electrical grounding, or many other types of in-home or office-based electrical service or repair work. If your trusted electrician in Glendale CA does business appropriately, he will meet all the criteria on this checklist and then some. Call or visit H Electric for more tips and checklists to use when consulting with electrical service professionals.


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