The How and Why of Hiring an Electrician

In this article we will discuss the reasons to hire an electrician and how to find them. Most homeowners come across situations throughout their period of ownership in which they are presented with an opportunity to hire a licensed electrician in order to perform general electrical services. Common general electrical services that a homeowner might need would be attic fan installation or replacement, bath fan installation or replacement, installation or replacement of ceiling fans, electrical panel upgrade with possible new electrical circuits for additions or renovations, custom lighting installation, the installation of electric generators, landscape lighting replacement or installation, interior lighting replacement or upgrades including energy efficient upgrades, smoke detector replacement or installation and surge protector installation including whole house surge protection are just a few of the possibilities. Safety is one of the top reasons to hire an electrician instead of performing the work yourself or allowing an unlicensed electrician to do the work.

Improper handling of electricity can result in an electrical shock, house fires and worst case death. So many stories exist in which a homeowner was attempting to save money by doing the work themselves in which they aren’t licensed or trained and they either cause damage or hurt themselves in the process. As a result, the work took twice as long, cost twice as much and I’m not even discussing the ones that didn’t survive. Hopefully, I have convinced you to hire an electrician for any general electrical services in your home.

So the next step is finding a qualified electrician to provide you with an electrical bid, electrical safety assessment, electrical quote or an electrical service call. One of the first options would be to search the web. For this example I will use Glendale, California. If you search for other cities just substitute Glendale and California for your city and state. Search terms to use should be similar to Glendale electrician, electrician Glendale, electrician Glendale CA, electrician in Glendale, electrician in Glendale CA. So after typing one of these terms you will come across a few companies that would be willing to compete for your general electrical services project. I utilized the search term electrician in Glendale CA and came across the web page for H Electric amongst a few others. One of the first things they mention is warranty and peace of mind.

Important factors in the selection of the electrician in Glendale are and should always be the warranty terms and licensure. In this example H Electric provides a lifetime guarantee on all work and state they stand behind it 100%. This is important because the last thing you want to do is hire an electrician that doesn’t do the job correctly and once paid you can’t get additional help or support when you need it. The other factor is licensure, bonding and insurance. Licensure is a no brainer because in this example of electricians serving Glendale California, many choices exist, so why go with a Glendale electrician without a license. The state has strict rules for licensing and they prescreen applicants as to limit the risk for the residents of the state. Obviously H Electric has passed that process and their license numbers are listed, one can check the state licensure board to double check this is true if you feel like it is necessary in your particular situation. Bonding and Insurance are also a must because they protect you, the homeowner, from potential damage that could be caused if a Glendale electrician comes out and does something negligent. In this case their insurance company would cover any potential lose in a worst case scenario. In comparison, if the homeowner causes damage to their own property no safety net exists and that would come out of their own pocket. However, hiring a qualified electrician for general electrical services puts the liability in their hands. So in our example, H Electric meets all the check boxes for our criteria in selecting an electrician in Glendale. Once you have settled on a Glendale CA electrician, schedule them to come out for a quote or electrical service call. Compare the quote or cost provided to your do it yourself pricing and include in the cost of any injuries, personal time and I would assure you in most all occasions it is the least expensive route.

Also, on the website for H Electric testimonials exist in which a customer mentioned that H Electric’s prices were the most reasonable in comparison to other electrical firms. Bringing me back to my point above that when you find the right one, hiring out general electrical service work to qualified and licensed electricians isn’t going to break the bank.

H Electric, your Glendale electrician, can competently and affordably take care of all your electrical service projects for you.

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