Testing Your Outlet – Advice from an Electrician in Glendale

Among home improvement projects, one of the most dangerous are electrical repairs. That’s why you generally want to call an electrician in Glendale, such as H Electric if you have any major issues. However, if you are willing to follow directions carefully, you can do some simple tasks. One of those is testing an electrical outlet to determine if you actually do need to call an electrician. Following these simple steps will help you determine if that outlet giving your problems is dead.

  1. Locate your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box and turn off the power to the area you are working with. This is done either by flipping the switch in a circuit breaker or removing the fuse block on a fuse box.
  2. Plug a voltage tester in the outlet that you are interested in and find out if there is live current running through already.
  3. If this does not work, use a continuity tester to see if the outlet is able to carry current. If it fails these tests, turn the power to the circuit back on and then retest with the continuity tester.
  4. Remember, electrical work is dangerous. Do not reach too far outside your comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable with your abilities, stop and call a professional electrician, Glendale residents may wish to call H Electric, to help you with the process.

Understanding your electrical system is something that will make your more confident in your home maintenance skills. Just keep in mind that electricity is not something to play with and that there are trained professionals that can help you with any of these projects. Give us a call at H Electric and allow us to help you test and repair any outlet in your home or place of business today.

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