Saving Money with Glendale Electrician

With the holiday shopping season upon us, you are probably going to be looking for a few ways to save so you can afford those gifts your family has been asking for. There are probably a lot of different ways you can save here and there like choosing to conserve gas, maybe cutting out a few luxury items and figuring out how to reduce your monthly bills a bit. Your Glendale electrician is here to tell you a few things you could do to save yourself anywhere from $20 to $50 a month on your electric bill. The team at H Electric can provide you with even more tips.

About $20 out of every $100 on your electric bill is spent on lighting. You can reduce this by as much as 75 percent by simply changing the type of light bulbs you use in your fixtures. We have become used to using the cheap incandescent bulbs that are around 4 bulbs for a dollar. Well, they may be cheap on the shelves, but they are costing you on your electric bill. Spending a couple dollars on CFLs will end up saving you a lot more every month.

You can also learn about phantom power and how it is running up your bill. Phantom power is the electricity that is drawn by anything that is plugged in whether it is in use or not. Things like your chargers and appliances are always drawing a current when plugged in.

Another option you have is having a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Glendale homeowners will appreciate the savings to their heating and cooling bill when a ceiling fan is used. Because the fan needs to be wired, it is best to leave the job to a qualified professional like those at H Electric. If you would like to schedule a ceiling fan installation or just want to learn more about energy savings, give us a call today.

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