Prepare for Power Outage with Glendale Electrician

Winter seems to be a prime time for the power to go out, which is pretty normal and in most cases not a big deal. However, it doesn’t hurt to be ready for those outages by doing a little planning before they actually happen. Your Glendale electrician has a couple of things for you to do now to be ready for the power outages that are likely to occur. H Electric can answer any other questions you may have about dealing with power outages.

You probably already have a flashlight or two hanging around, but it will work much better for you if they are placed somewhere easy to find in the dark. A designated drawer or cupboard is ideal. In that same area, you will want to have spare batteries for the flashlights. One clever way to keep everything you may need for a power outage is to store it all in a rubber tote. This keeps everything together and the whole family will know where to go to get flashlights, candles, matches and candleholders. Emergency candles are ideal because they burn brighter and slower than the decorative variety.

It doesn’t hurt to have a battery or crank radio with your kit. This not only provides you with some music, but can keep you updated about a storm that may be wreaking havoc and provide you with key information about the power outage. If sitting in the dark or eating by candlelight is not your cup of tea, you could always talk about a generator installation with your electrician. Glendale residents who are willing to invest in a generator will not need to worry about fumbling around in the dark trying to find a flashlight. The generator prevents any interruption in power and life goes on as normal. If you would like to learn more about generators or other things you can do to prepare for a power outage, give H Electric a call today.

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