Little Known Tips to Coping with Power Outage by Electrician in Glendale

As spring rolls on, we are seeing the signs summer is approaching. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and our lawns are turning back into the lush green we love so much. Spring showers often turn into some pretty wild thunderstorms. And during the summer, it is inevitable we will have a few of those rocking storms that helps to break up the heat. We need them and they are gorgeous to watch, but sometimes, the powerful storms leave us without power. It is important to prepare for those thunderstorm-induced power outages before they happen. An electrician in Glendale has some tips to help you get ready for a power outage whether it lasts a few hours or much longer. You can count on the team at H Electric to help you get ready.

1-Have flashlights at the ready. LED flashlights are extremely bright and a single flashlight can light up an entire space. Make sure you have some batteries on backup.

2-Landlines may be down so you will need to rely on your cell phone to communicate with the electric company, family and friends. Keep a car charger or solar charger on hand to keep your phone charged.

3-Invest in a battery-operated lantern. This will light up a room and eliminate the need for candles and flashlights.

4-If it is dark outside and you have solar lights in the landscaping, you could grab a couple to put in the house. Keep some of the lights near the front and back door for this purpose.

5-Consider having a standby generator installed by an electrician familiar with Glendale electrical codes. Generators will eliminate the need for flashlights and cold meals.

If you would like to learn more tips to prepare for a power outage or would like to schedule a generator installation, give H Electric a call today.

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