Glendale Electrician Explains: Does Fuse or Circuit Breaker Size Matter?

As electronic devices have become more prevalent in our homes, so have the number of accidents resulting from incorrect usage of electricity. Each year, millions of dollars worth of property is lost as a result of accidental electrical fires. As a result, it is more important than ever that you exercise proper electrical safety every time you use electrical devices in your home. To further ensure that your home is safe from electrical mishaps, you should also talk with an electrician in Glendale about installing whole house surge protection, electrical grounding and updated service panels.

Can you use any size fuse or circuit breaker that you want?

If you live in an older home, then there is a good chance that your service panel is still protected by a fuse box, rather than a more modern breaker panel. If this is the case, then your electrical system is probably not designed to handle the amount of electricity that you use daily. Because of this, many homeowners experience frequently blown fuses. In response to this, some choose to oversize their fuses or even replace them with something like a coin. This should be avoided at all costs. Because your fuses are designed to stop the flow of electricity in a given circuit before it reaches dangerous levels, bypassing your fuse in this way can lead to overloading, overheating, fire and electrical shock.

Replacing your outdated fuse box with a breaker panel can greatly improve the safety of your home. That being said, it is paramount that you hire a Glendale electrician to install properly sized circuit breaker. This will allow each circuit to have enough electricity to power the circuit safely, without allowing it to overload. If you have any questions about your breaker panel, fuse box or the overall safety of your electrical system, don’t hesitate to call H Electric today.

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