Glendale Electrician – Why Choose an Electric Car?

With more and more emphasis being placed on reducing your personal impact on the environment, it is no surprise that electric cars are becoming more popular. This emphasis, combined with the speed at which the electric car industry has grown in the past 5 years has made this type of transportation a very viable option for many consumers. The electric car is perfect for someone who wants to get away from the pollution caused by the gasoline and oil that is used with a gasoline powered car. Hybrid and electric cars offer many benefits to a variety of different people.

Energy Efficiency

Electric cars are very energy efficient. Nearly 75% of the energy in the batteries is converted into energy that is used to make the car function. Conversely, gas-powered engines typically lose around 80% of the energy that comes from burning fossil fuels.

Environmental Friendliness

Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, and have very little waste. In fact, an electric vehicle does not even have a tail pipe, one of the main sources of pollution from a gas-powered car.

Reduced Oil Dependency

Rather than filling up at a local filling station, you will charge your electric vehicle at a charging station installed by your electrician in Glendale. As a result, your dependency on both domestic and foreign oil will be reduced. For many people, this is just as important or more important that decreasing environmental impact.


Although electric vehicles normally cost a little bit more up front, their efficiency and lower fuel cost will save you money in the long run. Furthermore, electric vehicles require very little maintenance.

Electric vehicles provide a high level of efficient performance in an environmentally friendly package that is appealing to many drivers across the country. For questions about electric vehicles, or help installing a vehicle charging station in your home, call H Electric ( today. We’d be more than happy to help you out.

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