Electrician in Glendale CA – A Modern Southern CA Community

Nicknamed “the Jewel City,” Glendale is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. Located where countless movies have been filmed, it was incorporated slightly over a century ago, but its settlement and history dates back to Indian and colonial Spanish days.

As in all modern communities, the people of Glendale need electricity for much of their work and entertainment. (Who can imagine a world without electricity?) And because it is one of the bigger cities in the southern CA area, the number of individual companies serving the area is high. This article will help you with finding and choosing an electrician in Glendale CA, and provides information about some of the many electrical services they perform.

1) Attic fan installation

When it comes to installing attic, whole house, and bath fans, there are only a few highly experienced electrical contracting companies serving the Glendale area. One electrician Glendale proudly offers is H Electric, a locally owned company that does everything from electrical wiring and panel upgrading to custom interior lighting, landscape lighting, installing and repairing electrical switches, outlets, fixtures and more.

An attic fan is a truly indispensable item for one’s home because it helps with ventilation. If a house is inadequately ventilated, the whole house can become uncomfortably hot. These fans are made specially to be placed in attics, and they’re very effective. A thermostat controls the fan so that it will go on automatically, when and only when it is needed.

2) Electrical safety assessments

Because an electrical system can pose so many unseen dangers, including the risk of fire, it is essential to have safety assessments made by a Glendale electrician periodically. They can determine if any of the wiring is faulty and if it needs to be replaced. In Glendale, H Electric provides this service. Plus, they have “a lifetime guarantee on all their work,” and as a professional electrician in Glendale CA, they take pride in their work. Their staff is bilingual, too, speaking Spanish as well as English (as is natural for a company that works in southern California). Clients think very highly of this Glendale electrician; as they’re known for being friendly, intelligent, and willing to explain the job details.

3) Electrical upgrades

An electrical uprade is often necessary for getting the most out of one’s residential or commercial electrical system. If your fuse keeps blowing, or if you find that your circuit breakers are tripping, then an electrical panel upgrade may be in order. The panel upgrade will increase the electrical service load that your home or business can handle.

4) Fluorescent lighting

A compact fluorescent bulb is both cheaper and more energy efficient than most other bulbs. It also lasts longer– up to 8,000 hours. Because of tax and building codes, fluorescent lighting is quite widespread in California. Ask your Glendale electrician more about the benefits of using these bulbs.

5) Landscape lighting

The type of lighting that you use for your outdoor landscape can have a tremendous impact on the overall impression it creates at night. If you have a big yard, ask your Glendale electrician lighting expert, H Electric, about arranging the lights in such a way that it creates a harmonious, pleasing effect.

6) Outdoor lighting

Of course there is plenty of natural light outdoors during the day, but at night you will want to provide lights for safety. H Electric can install landscape path lighting as well as security lighting for you.

H Electric is a reliable electrical contracting company that can handle all of your electrical upgrades, including lighting installations, electrical repairs, or even a complete house rewire. You can find H Electric’s website and company information by searching for electrician Glendale CA on the web. Call H Electric today for all of your electrical repair and service needs — you’ll be happy you did!


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