Electrician Glendale – Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Service?

One question that homeowners ask frequently is “should I upgrade the electrical service?” If you live in an older home with a service size of 100 amps or less, an upgrade to 100 amps is often in order.  The fact that you have an older electrical service, however, is not the only criterion to go by when making the decision, however. While 100 amps of service may be insufficient for some people, it may be perfectly adequate for others. Because of this, you should work closely with an electrician in Glendale when deciding whether or not to have your electrical service upgraded.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

Does my home have circuit breakers or fuses?

Circuit breakers did not replace the fuse as the standard circuit protection until the 1960s. If you have a fuse box, it is typically a good indicator that you should have your electrical service upgraded. Not only are many of these systems too small for the average household, but it is very easy to replace a fuse with an improperly sized fuse. When a fuse is oversized, it can lead to overloaded circuits, which can in turn lead to overheating, shocks and fires. Though fuses are a technically safe way to protect your circuits, it is because of these reasons that it is recommended to replace your fuse box with a breaker panel.

What size amperage is my existing service and how much do I need?

Your electrical service is measured in amps. The typical household has a service of 100, 150 or 200 amps, depending on the electrical consumption of that particular household. If you have added, or plan to add new appliances to your home, then it may make sense to upgrade your electrical service to one with higher amperage.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians at H Electric. You can also find more information regarding this and many other electrical topics at our website: www.electricianglendale.org.

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