Ceiling Fans for All Year Explains Electrician in Glendale

If you already have a ceiling fan in your home, don’t let it sit idle collecting dust this winter. Put it to good use and you will feel the benefits. No, you won’t be cold and chilly because the ceiling fan is running. Ceiling fans are just as important to have in the cooler months as they are to have in the hot, sultry months. If you don’t already have one, an electrician in Glendale is going to explain why you may want to think about getting one installed. The team at H Electric can answer any questions you may have about ceiling fan installation.

When a ceiling fan is used in combination with your source of heat, whether it is a fireplace or furnace, it helps to circulate the warm air and make a room feel warmer. This is done by pushing the hot air that rises to the ceiling, down. The fan should be set to turn in a clockwise motion. This helps push the air down. However, don’t worry about it being pushed directly on to you while you are sitting on the couch. The air is pushed out and down towards the walls. This keeps the warm air in the room, without creating a breeze that will ultimately chill you.

Using a ceiling fan in the winter can also help reduce your electric bill. When the air is pushed down, the thermostat in the room will register the warmer air. This will prevent the cold air rising from the floor from giving the thermostat a faulty reading and causing the furnace to kick on more often in an attempt to maintain the desired temperature. If you have any other Glendale electrical concerns or would like to schedule an appointment to have your ceiling fan installed, give H Electric a call today.

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